Developer Onboarding Checklist

Welcome to Data Management. This page will help you get the necessary accounts.

LSST account

Contact lsst-sysadmins _at_ to get a unified LSST account. This gives you access to:

GitHub and LSST organizations

If you don’t have one already, create an account on

Next, ask your T/CAM to add you to the lsst and lsst-dm GitHub organizations, along with any relevant team organizations (send your GitHub username to your T/CAM).

See also

NCSA server access

Contact lsst-account _at_ to request an account on the NCSA cluster, which hosts the reference platform. Include the following in the request:

  • First and last name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • Sponsoring LSST manager
  • LSST Team or project is LSST’s public-facing discussion and support forum. Browse the forum-howto tag to learn how to use the platform.

Create an account, and let your T/CAM know your username to get access to internal discussion categories.

T/CAMs: add users via the LSST and LSSTDM group pages.


Slack is LSST’s real-time chat platform. It is used across the project and by external science collaborations. Install Slack on your computer (and phone, if you wish), then ask your T/CAM for access to the ‘LSSTC’ team.

Channels which have been set up specifically for Data Management related discussion can be identified by a ‘dm-’ prefix. Important channels you may wish to follow include:

  • ‘announce-everyone’ for project-wide announcements.
  • ‘lsst-travel’ for help with travel on project business.
  • ‘lsst-newchannels’ for notifications of new channels.
  • ‘software-dev’ for anything about writing software.
  • ‘dm’ for general DM discussion.
  • ‘dm-square’ for developer support services.
  • ‘dm-jenkins’ for automatic notifications from our Continuous Integration system.
  • ‘dm-tavern’ for “water cooler” type talk.
  • ‘dm-tea-time’ for more serious but still non-LSST conversation.

Your team may also have specific channels, and you can send private messages to individuals.

Google account for Hangouts

Many small meetings are conducted on Google Hangouts, which requires you to have an account with The meeting convener will pass around a Hangouts room URL to attendees.

Mailing lists

We don’t use mailing lists for conversations, but they’re still used for notifications about conversations happening on You should be subscribed to these lists as soon as you get an LSST acccount: