DM Calendars

DM maintains two Google calendars, described below. The wider LSST Project has collated a list of other calendars which may also be useful.

DM Meetings

The DM Meetings calendar lists meetings or other events that are likely to be of wide interest across the DM subsystem. It’s intended for meetings which will be of interest to people from more than one institute: if you’re organizing a meeting which is only relevant to your local team, it probably doesn’t belong on this calendar. If you’re organizing an event which you’d like to add to the DM Meetings calendar, please drop by the dm-admin-support channel on Slack and somebody will help you out.

DM Travel / Vacation

DM Leadership Team members are asked to note any days when they won’t be available on the DM Travel / Vacation calendar. Other members of DM can safely ignore this calendar — but check with your local manager to see if there’s some other mechanism by which they’d like you to make your availability known.