Test Documentation

Verification and Validation activities require a huge amount of work in terms of documentation. Often this documentation work is given a lower priority, enabled by reduced visibility of V&V activities.

The introduction of the Test Manager For Jira plugin (TM4J) helps the test team to overcome this problem. This plugin, combined with the programmatic extraction of test data using the docsteady document generation tool, brings additional benefits:

  • Test information becomes much more accessible

  • Traceability is established between test objects and with upstream requirements

  • Reusability of test procedures is facilitated

  • The test teams can focus more on the scientific aspects of the tests

  • Homogeneity in the approach is ensured

However, in order to make this possible, it is important to follow a well-organized approach to the V&V activities.

You can get a global overview of the process in ths SPIE paper presented in December 2020. The DM Test Approach Confluence page provides more practical information including details on how to create each TM4J object, how they are related to each other, and how to fill in the right information. Detailed procedures for document generation are given in the Docsteady Usecases technote.