Publishing Papers and Proceedings

Papers and conference proceedings written on behalf of the LSST Project are subject to the LSST Project Publication Policy (LPM-162) and are coordinated by the Publication Board. This page provides pointers to Publication Board documentation.


While scientific publications and conference proceedings are subject to LPM-162, many types of DM communication and documentation are not controlled, including:

  • User guides (software documentation).

  • Technical notes.

  • Design documentation (though LDMs are coordinated by the DM Technical Control Team, TCT).

  • Community forum posts.

Citing DM Technical Notes and Design Documents

Wherever possible, cite DM design documentation and technotes in addition to the core project papers. Rather than linking to the document’s URL in a footnote, you should use a proper BibTeX citation.

For technotes, it’s better to cite the technote’s DOI than its URL alone. The documentation engineering team is making DOIs on an as-needed basis at the moment. Reach out to #dm-docs for additional DOIs. We’re working on automating DOI provisioning to make this easier in the future.

Example design document citation

A BibTeX citation for a design document:

  author       = {Jacek Becla and others},
  title        = {{LSST Database Design}},
  howpublished = {LDM-135, \url{}},
  year         = 2013,

Note that the short link points to the official DocuShare-archived version of LDM-135.

Example technical note citation

A technote citation, pointing to a Zenodo-backed DOI:

  title        = {{False Positive Rates in the LSST Image
                   Differencing Pipeline}},
  author       = {{Slater}, Colin and
                  {Jurić}, Mario and
                  {Ivezić}, Željko and
                  {Jones}, Lynne},
  institution  = {{LSST Data Management}},
  type         = {{LSST Data Management Technical Note}},
  number       = {{DMTN-006}},
  month        = mar,
  year         = 2016,
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.192828},
  url          = {}


Zenodo offers citations using the manual, rather than techreport, BibTeX type for technical reports, but the example above is likely more complete. The publisher, given their BibTeX style file, may have different guidance.