Team Culture and Conduct Standards

The LSST DM community includes LSST-paid staff at multiple institutions and external contributors from around the world. We have built a strong team that collaborates well. As we hire new people, we want to make sure we are maintaining a healthy, supportive, productive culture. While culture is best transmitted by daily example, having some formal standards for conduct can aid newcomers and reinforce good patterns.

Since LSST is an AURA center, the AURA standards of workplace conduct provide a starting point. As stated there, we in DM dedicate ourselves to fostering a civil and inclusive community characterized by mutual respect for the contributions of all individuals. As a community, we embrace the values in that document, in addition to any local institutional standards.

Our community is self-regulated, but any issues that cannot be resolved on an individual-to-individual level should be handled through local institutional procedures or—especially if cross-institution or involving the external community—may be brought to the attention of the DM Subsystem Scientist (Leanne Guy) or Project Manager (William O’Mullane), or the LSST Project Manager (Victor Krabbendam), who will take appropriate action. Independent of this management hierarchy there is an Ombudsperson Program which may be used to raise issues.

Please read and reflect upon these standards; strive to uphold them in all your interactions.