Supported Platforms


The LSST Data Management software is required to be portable across many compute platforms ranging from high-performance computing centers to laptops (DMS-REQ-0308). The software will likely work on any Unix-like systems but we limit our testing and support to a fixed set of platforms.

Patches may be accepted from developers who test on other operating systems.


We have a baseline platform which is what we are using for integration testing and deployments. For each product, we also have a number of other platforms which are regularly tested by our continuous integration system to enhance portability.

The baseline system is currently CentOS 7 on Intel x86_64 with gcc 6.3.1 from devtoolset-6 and Python 3.7.


We aim to stay current with CentOS 7 minor releases, updating within 6 months of their release.

We regularly-test the following platforms in addition to the baseline platform:

  • CentOS 6 with devtoolset-6
  • macOS Sierra with Apple clang compilers
  • macOS High Sierra with Apple clang compilers

See for the current list of regularly-tested platforms.