Meeting Free Weeks

DM will observe several Meeting Free Weeks each year.

Meeting Free Weeks 2024

In 2024 meeting free weeks will be:
  • April 15 - 20 (also JOR in Tucson),

  • June 24 - 28,

  • Sept 16 - 20,

  • Dec 23 - Jan 3.

Meeting Free Weeks 2023

December 25 Jan 5.


The driver for meeting free weeks is similar to Focus Friday. We wish to allow staff a block of time without meetings such they can focus on a specific task or take personal time. These periods do not stipulate the more stringent Slack rules that Focus Friday does. Basically in a meeting free week there will be none of the regular meetings. Topic specific meetings may be held as agreed by all parties.


A long focus period over the end of year holidays did not go so well and two weeks was preferred. In 2023 we should include a March focus week. There may be more refinements needed to get this correct. Feedback on the form and format is welcome and may be sent to your T/CAM or directly to William O’Mullane.