Policy on DM Confluence Use

While we want to foster open source development and a wiki is central to this purpose, there are certain caveats on what should and shouldn’t be posted to the Data Management space on Confluence since significant material is open to the public. All Confluence users should ensure the following:

  • Material posted to the wiki must not be confidential or contain material that could be embarrassing or used against the project. This might include, for example, partnering plans or proposals that are confidential or have not yet been realized, financial information, positioning relative to other projects, or comments about strengths or weaknesses relative to other projects.

  • Change-controlled documents must be written and approved following our documented procedures, which do not include working on Confluence. However, Confluence may be useful for drafting or brainstorming in the early stages of document development. In this case, the page must be clearly labeled as a draft, and it should be augmented with a link to the baselined version on Docushare when it becomes available.

The DM Project Manager is responsible for oversight ensuring that the DM wiki only has appropriate material. The entire DM team is expected to help with this oversight; if you see something that is suspect, please bring it to the attention of the DM Project Manager.