Stack Access

This document describes access to nightly, weekly, and release versions of the LSST Science Pipelines “stack” available at the USDF.

Release and Weekly

Access to self-contained release and weekly versions is available via cvmfs (e.g. v24.0.0 or w_2023_01). Each version is available in three variants: a Conda environment with minimal dependencies for processing data, an extended Conda environment with packages appropriate for code developers, and an Apptainer container with the minimal environment.

Minimal processing Conda environment:

source /cvmfs/

Developer-friendly Conda environment:

source /cvmfs/

Minimal processing Apptainer:

apptainer run-help /cvmfs/

provides more information.

You can see which versions are available by: ls /cvmfs/ and ls /cvmfs/

Shared Stack

A “shared stack” of stack installations is available at /sdf/group/rubin/sw/. These installations share base Conda environments when possible, making it simpler to switch between versions using eups alone. The rubin-rsp-developer metapackage containing packages appropriate for code developers (or its equivalent for earlier 2022 versions) has been installed in the Conda environment.

To get the latest weekly environment and its compatible stack versions:

source /sdf/group/rubin/sw/w_latest/

To get the bleeding-edge latest daily environment (often the same as the latest weekly but sometimes more advanced) and its compatible stack versions:

source /sdf/group/rubin/sw/d_latest/

To get the environment for a specific version:

source /sdf/group/rubin/sw/tag/w_2023_01/

The last 24 daily releases and the last 26 weekly releases, as well as all official releases and release candidates after v23_0_2 are intended to be available.

Note that you can access conda from the stack install; SDF does not provide a central conda install.

After initializing the environment as above, you can use the EUPS setup command (e.g. setup lsst_distrib or setup lsst_sitcom) to choose a compatible version of the Science Pipelines packages. By default, setup will use the latest weekly that is compatible with the environment you chose, regardless of how you got that environment, as that is the version that is tagged with current.

If you need a specific version, you should use source /sdf/group/rubin/sw/tag/{version}/; setup -t {version} {package} where {package} is lsst_distrib or lsst_sitcom or any other Science Pipelines package.