LSST DM Developer Guide

This is an internal guide for LSST DM staff during project construction, and for Rubin Observatory Data Production staff in operations. It’s also openly available so that others can understand how we’re building the LSST’s data management subsystem. In some cases, other Rubin groups (for example Telescope & Site Software) have chosen to follow various sections as it applies to them.

This guide includes a mix of normative requirements and helpful, descriptive, pages. When it’s particularly important that you closely follow a standard, we include an annotation box at the top of the page.

Any member of DM can contribute to this guide. It’s published from the GitHub repo. Check out the README to get started.

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Development guides: Overview · C++ · Python · Pybind11 · JavaScript · ReStructuredText · DM Stack · Git · Editors · Legal · User documentation style

Services: Overview · Jenkins · LSST Data Facility


Basic information about the LSST Data Management Subsystem and our culture. Learn more about the Data Management Subsystem in LDM-294.

Team-specific pages:

Development guides


Crowd-sourced recommendations for configuring editors for LSST development (listed alphabetically)